Vantagenews.ng is a Nigerian news website domiciled in Lagos but with coverage of events and issues across the world. It is focused on reporting, presenting, and analysing news trends and topical issues.

We are a contemporary media organisation with a unique style of news gathering and reportage. We are out to rewrite the wrongs in today’s online media world where fake news, poorly written contents and unedited stories and write-ups are dished out to the readers on daily basis. We aim to set the standard for best practices in today’s digital news reporting.

Our choice of the name, “Vantage News” emanates from our desire and resolve to gather, and present stories, features, and editorial from a position affording a good view. It is our desire promote the principles of fairness, truthfulness, accuracy, accountability, impartiality, independence, humanity and to imbibe by the ethical practices and standards of journalism by teaching and enlightening, the readers from ‘vantage’ positions and angles.

Every content on our site www.vantagenews.ng is well edited by our excellent team of editors and published on the ground of accuracy, impartiality and fairness.

We cover events in Nigeria, Africa and the world with a team of qualified journalist, and editors, and in partnership with some news agencies within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Vantage News strongly believe in the ability of the media to engender positive change in Nigeria and in the world hence our resolve to help achieve this through insightful, accurate, fair, development-motivated, and impartial reportage.