Igbo Remarks: More Nigerians Blast Brymo, Petition Hits 7,000


A petition launched against popular alternative singer, Olawale Ashimi, AKA  Brymo, over his recent anti-Igbo comments on social media has soared into seven thousand and growing.

The petition was launched by Charles Ogundele, a Nigerian advocate.

He urged Nigerians to sign the petition in order to ensure that the singer is prevented from winning at the 2023 All Africa Music Award (AFRIMA).

Brymo was nominated in the ‘Song Writer of the Year’ category, and many Nigerians have signed the petition to prevent the singer from winning the award. As of the time of this report, the petition has over 6,000 signatures.

The petition stated that not receiving the award would send a strong message to the singer, given his many disparaging remarks about the Igbo people.

Many Nigerians have expressed disgust and lambasted the singer for making comments against the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, saying that they do not deserve to have a claim to the presidency.

Brymo Remarks have garnered criticism from fellow celebrities and fans, but the artist maintained his stance, showing he’s not sorry by retweeting the same set of tweets that got him under fire in the first place.

Stating his reasons for putting up the petition, Ogundele wrote, “Brymo recently put up a series of hateful messages on Twitter toward the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, going as far as retweeting a tweet that said that all Igbos are senseless.”

He added, “In one of his tweets, he wrote “f*ck omo Igbo,” which translates to “f*ck the Igbo people.” “His actions are ones that spark disunity and hatred in a multicultural nation like Nigeria.”

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According to petition’s creator, preventing Brymo from winning the award would send a strong message to the singer.

Reacting to Brymo Remarks on his Twitter handle, Paul Okoye, a supporter of the Obedient movement, warned Brymo to mind his speech.

While noting that the February 25th general election would come and go, and the people would return to their everyday lives, he said, “election will go, and everyone will move on. Mind what you are preaching.”

”But you have decided to be a tribal bigot because you think you are getting some attention by insulting a particular region of the country, and some people are praising you. as an artiste, I’m only disappointed.”


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