ADESANYA’S ARREST: What Are Brass Knuckles Anyways?

Kiwi-Nigerian combat sports superstar Israel Adesanya was held by security for trying to take Brass knuckles through JFK Airport

brass knuckles
brass knuckles

You must have heard in the news that the 33-year-old Lagos-born fighter, Israel Adesanya was arrested for possession of a weapon known as “Brass knuckles” at John F. Kennedy International Airport in the US and you are wondering, what could this be? is it worth it?

So here are your answers…


Brass knuckles are fist weapons used in hand-to-hand combat. They are pieces of metal shaped to fit the knuckles of a fighter

Why are brass knuckles so dangerous?

As opposed to its name some brass knuckles are made of leather, plastic or other materials. Nonetheless, they can still decapitate people causing maximum damage. Any attacker with a such weapon can inflict bad injuries such as bone fracture, tissue damage or even loss of life to the victim.

Are brass knuckles illegal to carry around?

In some developed countries like Russia and New Zealand, they are prohibited.

Brass knuckles are not regulated at the federal level in the United States, but various states like California and other county laws prohibit their purchase.

What does a brass knuckle represent?

In times past brass knuckles were made for gladiators in fights. These days they are often used in art by some tattoo artists to show strength and resilience.

Who uses brass knuckles?

Even though martial artists previously used brass knuckles as a weapon for self-defence, today nobody can use them as they are termed illegal and dangerous.

Now know enough to justify Israel Adesanya’s arrest. But the good news is he complied with JFK Airport¬†authorities and got released to go home in a short time.

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