2023 ELECTIONS: How To Check My PVC Registration Status Online

One thing you can do right now to be up and ready for the elections...

check PVC status

Checking your PVC Registration Status after a strenuous registration exercise will give the most satisfactory feeling as it were but , the ultimate price remains getting to vote for your desired candidate on election day. 

Indeed you have won this small victory amongst others who queued but didn’t get the chance to register before the registration deadline, you still mustn’t relax.

Before you go to your polling unit to vote in the forthcoming 2023 elections, you are strongly advised to check your PVC status online.

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To check your PVC registration status, here are five simple and practical steps to follow:

check your pvc
PVC enquiry page
  • Scroll to fill a form .
  • CHOOSE YOUR “ State of Registration “

You should pick the state where you registered for the PVC.

  • ENTER YOUR “ Last and First Name then your Date of Birth ”
  • Click on the box that says “ I’m not a robot “. To confirm that you aren’t a robot.
  • The last but crucial step to verifying your PVC registration status is Clicking on the button that says “ Check Status “.
pvc result page
PVC status result page

If you filled in the information accurately your Voters Identification Number(VIN), Registered Ward, Polling Unit and Polling Unit Code will be provided. Shortly after this, your PVC Registration Status will come up.

Congratulations, you should have successfully checked your PVC registration Status.

Better safe than never..!


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