Okupe Reacts To Accusations Against Peter Obi (See Details)

Doyin Okupe
Obi and Okupe

The temporary vice presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Doyin Okupe has reacted to allegations labeled against the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi by one AG Mohmoud.

Okupe stated that Obi is the only one among all the candidates capable of solving the myriad of Nigeria’s problems.

In a statement on Sunday, Okupe said sentiments and accusations propagated by one AG Mohmoud aimed at damaging the acceptance of Peter Obi were unfounded.

He said: “I will not argue on the authenticity of the accusations or the merit or demerit of the venomous write-up. I will rather mention here that over the years, we have all offended one another and committed acts that stoke the embers of hatred on all sides. And this is applicable to all ethnic groups, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo, Southern and Northern minorities, all across the entire Nigerian communities.

“For a fact, the whole nation went to war against a single ethnic group, the Igbos. This tribe was on the receiving end of a three-year war. We all know how devastating that war was on the Igbos, psychologically, financially, emotionally, and positional in the scheme of things in Nigeria. Those who bore the brunt of the evil of that war cannot be said to be in a loving relationship with their assailants.

“The North up till today has not forgiven the Igbo for the role of the five Majors during the 1966 coup. Also, the east holds it against the west that the late leader of the Yoruba finally dropped off from his initial support of the secession plan only to later team up with the federal government against Biafra.”

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“The Yoruba on their own side hold it against Zik, the Igbo leader that he dumped Chief Awolowo to later form government with the North, led by Alhaji Balewa. Or how can we not mention the visceral pains the Yoruba feel for the annulment of MKO Abiola’s election and his subsequent demise.”


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