Breaking: Danish Police Arrest Copenhagen Shopping Mall Shooter

Breaking: Danish Police Arrest Copenhagen Shopping Mall Shooter

Danish police confirm several people were on Sunday hit by gunshots at a shopping mall in the capital Copenhagen.

Danish Police further revealed that one person had been arrested at the shopping mall in connection with the shooting.

Copenhagen police wrote on Twitter on Sunday that Police reinforcements have been deployed around the large Field’s mall between the city centre and the airport.

“We’re on the scene, shots were fired and several people have been hit,”

Local media published images showing heavily armed police officers at the scene, as well as people running out of the mall.

The police did not provide further information about the arrest, or say how many had been injured.

Vantage News gathered that police officers at the scene advised people inside the mall to stay put and await assistance.

Copenhagen Mayor Sophie H. Andersen tweeted: “Terrible reports of shooting in Fields. We do not yet know for sure how many were injured or dead, but it is very serious.”

Eyewitnesses quoted by Danish media said they saw more than 100 people rush towards the mall’s exit when the first shots were heard.

Laurits Hermansen told Danish broadcaster DR that he was in a clothing store at the shopping center with his family when he heard “three-four bangs. Really loud bangs. It sounded like the shots were being fired just next to the store”.

The shopping center is on the outskirts of Copenhagen just across from a subway line that connects the city center with the international airport. A major highway also runs adjacent to Fields.

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