APC Chairmanship: The dust finally settled


The political landscape of Nigeria was literally wildly windy, that all gladiators, watchers, analysts and indeed everyone, were gazing into the skies,  to the direction the wild wind will capture it’s victim(s) to.

About eleven aspirants, narrowed to seven, jostled to step into the large shoes of His Excellency former Governor of Edo State,  Adams Oshomohle, who was unceremoniously ousted by the party, through the instrumentality of the governors, no thanks to his garrulous and combative political character, which must have led to his Waterloo.

With a substantive chairman finally elected or affirmed,  by the party through the anointing of president Muhamadu Buhari, following the completion of the assignment of Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee, headed by Governor of Yobe State, Mai Mala Buni, a two term Governor of Nasarawa State, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, has resumed as the chairman of All Progressive Congress (APC), coming at a time where the ruling party, is in the twilight of flying it flag at the presidential Villa.

Many things come to mind in the wake of 2022. As all political activities are pointing towards 2023, an election year, the leadership at the center would have served eight years and quitting the stage.

For the past eight years, fast forwarding  to 2023, a president of a nothern extraction was at the helm of affairs, from the stand point of our shared artificial unity, where it has been  an understanding of “power rotation between the north and south as a key component for Nation Building and Equity” in the One Nigeria Project.

Will the APC under the watch of Abdullahi Adamu gurantee, such an understanding reached by the Nigerian people? Or will he play along the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, as amended.

The constitution is silent on rotational presidency or geopolitics. Tendencies are that Adamu as a stickler for what the constitution says, especially when it favours him or his interest is protected.

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May be  his love for the constitution is due to him first cutting his political teeth in 1977, where he was elected member of the Constituent Assembly, a body that drafted the country’s second republic constitution.

What Adamu said on zoning painted a bleak picture if power will ever, or any time soon, return to the South as touted by the APC, with the South East desperately waiting on the wings to fly on zoning as a strong motivation and inspiration for Peaceful Coexistence and National Unity.

Adamu had made his thought known this way: “The Nigerian constitution that I have, there is no way it says we should zone any office. There is a federal character, that is in the constitution. The constitution is being reviewed; if you want a provision specific that presidential office should be zoned in such a manner, you tell us how you want it zoned.”

He added, “you can’t talk merit and talk of zoning; let’s just go by merit, let every party find a way of settling itself in a manner as to ganner the kind of votes to deliver the presidential result. It is as simple as that”.

Speaking on the controversy, Jarvis Jakpa, National President of One Nigeria Project said: “The political party has the last card. As far as we in One Nigeria Project know, the right to field a candidate rests squarely with the party; we can only preach Equity and Fairness, and that is how far we can go.”

The new APC chairman, without mincing words narrowed it down to South East  and hit the nail on the head and said thus: “Yes, somebody is saying the South East has not had a president. I agree and sympathise with them, but the constitution says, you become a president through the ballot box and we have been saying that every vote must count. So why do you want to zone? Zone your mind if you want to zone!

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To Senator Abdullahi Adamu zoning, and particularly to the South East, is wishful thinking and should begin and end in the minds of the people conceiving it.

To him if the ballot box must determine who takes it all, counting on the demography of the north when it comes to numerical strength and  voting pattern, the North should take all.

He succinctly puts it this way? “And one thing which for good or bad, from inception of amalgamation, the north till now is much bigger in terms of land mass and population than the South, infact the northern part alone constitutes 60 percent of the land mass of the country”.

Adamu is an advocate of the geopolitical North. He is from the middle Belt, constitutionally called the North Central, an Afo man,  a minority ethnic groups in the North and even is home State Nasarawa, that are sparsely found in only two Local Government Areas of the state, yet he rose to be Governor of the state in 1999 and 2007.

He may not have only gotten that through merit, because they were still better candidates than  himself, fortune may have smiled on him, the same grace that he wants foreclosed for others.

If Adamu so hates zoning because it is unconstitutional, how did he become the national chairman of the APC, if it was not zoned to the North and micro zoned to the North Central and finally zoned to him?

If it was let open to the North, he would not have been able to muscle any capacity to win an Ali Modi Sheriff of Bornu State or match the financial and political wits of his brother from the same State, Tanko Almakura, in an open contest, the way he is calling the South East to do.

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As a stunch advocates for the interest of the north, he took the epic battle of the Farmer Herder conflict to a whole new level by putting the narrative of the North South dycotomy.

He said, “If all the Northern Governors echoed the same thing that the Southern Governors did, it doesn’t change it, the government owes these herdsmen a duty to protect their calling”.

He went further, “if you can protect a spare parts dealer, why can’t you protect herdsmen? If the government and CBN can protect a failing bank, why can’t you protect the herdsmen?”

With the seeming antagonism of Senator Abdullahi Adamu to the South, one will wonder the agenda behind the unilateral support of president Muhamadu Buhari for Adamu, himself having similar inclinations, may be in the past.

Is it that Adamu is brought to put a nail on the political and economic coffin of the South? Only time will tell.

Jakpa Jarvis
One Nigeria Project, Abuja


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