Ultimate Guide About Traveling To Lagos

    Lagos, Nigeria’s most commercialized city is home to people from diverse sociopolitical, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.

    Widely regarded as Nigeria’s economic hub, the city is the home of entertainment in the whole of Africa. Its economic viability makes it the 7th largest economy on the continent.

    Little wonder literally everyone wants to move to the city that never sleeps. Going by a statement made by the former Governor of the state, Akinwunmi Ambode, 86 persons enter Lagos every minute. That means 132,000 people enter Lagos daily. Many of these visitors are either coming to do business, relocate, or simply to spend time with family and friends.

    Just like every other city, Lagos has its own issues and visitors are advised to ‘shine their eyes.’

    Lagos is a mixture of poverty and affluence, mansions and sharks, class and old-fashioned. Simply put, everything there is can be found in abundance in Lagos. From the rich, high, and mighty in the Banana Islands and the Ikoyi’s to the poor, struggling and downtrodden under the bridges and in the sharks of Mushin, Ajegunle, and others.

    Now to the business of the day…

    So you’ve concluded plans of traveling to Lagos. Maybe you have heard beautiful stories and watched Nollywood movies of how people moved to Lagos and became millionaires in 6 months. Now you can’t wait to visit Lagos.

    Well, before you buy that bus ticket or book that flight, here are 10 things you need to know about Lagos.

    1) The ‘crazy yellow bus drivers’

    Well, almost every driver in Lagos is crazy but you can’t compete at his level with the commercial bus drivers of the popular yellow buses. Be it Danfo or Molue, these drivers are fearless on the road and they take risks as they come. Always sit tight. Can you complain, yes but be ready for the insults that would come in the form of a reply, either from the driver himself or mostly from the conductor.

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    2) There’s always a rush to everywhere and nowhere.

    It is common to see people moving in a hurry. Don’t worry, the majority of them are not late but that’s Lagos for you.

    3) Pickpockets are everywhere!
    You think someone wearing a suit is gentle and honest right? Well, Lagos is an exception. Pickpockets are everywhere. Always be careful. Protect your belongings. Do not ‘loose guard.’

    4) Do not urinate anyhow and anywhere

    There are people whose work is to move around in search of people that would be fined for not doing something right. They are neither government staff nor commissioned for the task but they will make you pay for urinating in the open.

    5) Angry and frustrated people are everywhere!

    Just know that an average Lagosian is always frustrated and angry. Well, who wouldn’t be frustrated after spending hours in traffic? Or having to exchange words with a conductor? My dear, know this and know peace.

    6) Noisy neighbours

    You may be coming from a very cool environment. In Lagos, I cannot guarantee you that. Shops and residential buildings are often together. You can’t stop the man that owns the music store nearby not to call people’s attention to his shop. It’s noisy out there my dear.

    7) Always mind your business.

    A friend got beaten simply because he tried to ‘separate fight’. I know you’re on a peace mission but watch it. Lagosians are not always peace-loving.

    8) The roads are not as good.

    Please note that Lagos roads are not good. Simple. If you drive through the streets of Mafoluku in Oshodi or parts of Mushin…my dear, ‘your body go tell you.’ Remember to always budget for car maintenance.

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    9) You may reconsider your fashion sense

    I understand the temptation to always move around Lagos in your best wear. I must warn that unless you have your own car or would be using taxi-hailing services, don’t dress to impress. If you do, you may have to urgently seek a nearby tailor after entering a Danfo bus. Good luck my dear.

    10) Avoid the Agberos

    These people are mean and equally reckless. Some of them have zero value for their looks. little wonder you see injuries all over their bodies. They won’t hesitate to decorate you as well. Just avoid them.

    Are you still interested in coming to Lagos?
    Don’t be scared. Just master the rules and you’ll be just fine.


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