Breaking: Russia Begins Military Operation In Ukraine

Russian government has announced military operation in Donbas region, warning other nations of consequences if they interfere.

The Russian defence ministry has said it was targeting Ukrainian military infrastructure with precision weapons.

“Military infrastructure, air defense facilities, military airfields, and aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are being disabled with high-precision weapons,”

Breaking: Russia Begins Military Operation In Ukraine - Vantage News Nigeria

Vantage News gathered that at least seven “loud explosions” have been heard in Ukraine’s capital.

“It sounds like shell fire, but it could be air strikes,” Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons, reporting from Kyiv, said

“Boryspil international airport came under attack … we’re not sure whether it was shelled or whether it’s an explosion,” he added.

“We’ve heard sirens as well, so there’s definitely a full attack happening on the capital.”

Earlier, shortly before 6am (03:00 GMT) preach Putin said Russia will conduct a military operation in Donbas  and called on the Ukraine military to lay down its arms.

“I have made the decision of a military operation,” he said in a surprise statement.

Putin said the action comes in response to threats coming from Ukraine. He added that Russia does not have a goal to occupy Ukraine. Putin said the responsibility for bloodshed lies with the Ukrainian “regime”.

Breaking: Russia Begins Military Operation In Ukraine - Vantage News Nigeria
Map of NATO history and expansion

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a video message posted on Facebook, said that Russia was attacking his country’s “military infrastructure” and border guards, but urged citizens not to panic and vowed victory.

He also introduced martial law across the Ukraine.


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