Before You Start Dating

Before you start Dating

Contributed By Victor Lastfive Jackson

Before you start dating, you should not date

I know many people will find the statement above contradictory but if you are able to read between lines, you will decipher.

If you start dating before dating, you will miss your date for another person’s date.
Take for instance, what you need is stones, but in the absense of stones, you gathered sands and your hands are full, all of a sudden, you stumbled on precious gems and you are not allowed to drop the sands, you have to miss the stones.

Do not get busy gathering sand and miss your precious stones .

Many people are trapped in relationships they did not begin with their brain but with their sex organs, you went to watch movies in your neighborhood , you stayed late night, he came closer to you and you gave in, day after day your sex organs drive you to have a repeat, before you know it , you are in accidental relationship, he never asked you out , and will never do, you assumed you are in love.

There exist a category who get stucked right from the beginning, especially the introverts, they hardly go out, they are hardly seen, they have limited options, any burglar who breaks through the wall of their hearts receive immunity to ride even to ruins, before you even start dating, you should, step out, get to know people, get to know the options available for you, ask questions, screen them to your taste, before you even think of dating as opposed to settling with just one person in your street who follow you up whenever you go to fetch water aftermath becoming stuck with that person, wondering years later whether you could have made a better choice if you had waited a little longer.

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Before you start dating, place a big screen in your heart where potential suitors are monitored by their lifestyles, drives , strong and weak points , morality and social standing, not just hooking and expecting your preferences play out, it will never happen…

Before you start dating, do not have sex, if you do, your sexual organs will marry for your heart, whereas, it is your heart that’s supposed to marry for your organs.

Dating is not a period to eat roasted fish and fly around town, have sex and catch cruise, it is a period to ask valid questions and also reason with your perceptions if you will be able to cope.

If you have started dating already and you have seen much red flags, you have seen that you won’t be able to cope , be polite to speak up and move forward.

To be continued…
But you have to remind me✌️

Victor Lastfive Jackson has a Master of Science (M.Sc) degree in Architecture from the prestigious university of Uyo


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