Is What Zouma Has Done Worse Than Racism? Michail Antonio Asks

Michail Antonio

West Ham forward, Michail Antonio has shared his opinion on the backlash that Kurt Zouma is currently receiving after a video of the former Chelsea defender drop kicking his cat surfaced online.

VANTAGE NEWS reports that Zouma irked the public with the video that has since been deleted.

Zouma had also apologised over the video but the backlash continues to grow even after he was fined by West Ham and also had his Adidas deal canceled.

Reacting in an interview with Football Daily, Michail Antonio wondered why people are calling for Zouma to be sacked while some others have who was found guilty of racism were allowed to walk free.

He asked, “Do you think what he’s done is worse than racism? I’m not condoning the thing that is done. I don’t agree with it at all but there are people convicted of racism, being caught for racism, and have played football afterward.

“They have been punished. They got eight-game punishment or something like that. “But people now calling for people to be sacked from their source of livelihood. I just want to ask this question of all the people out there. Is what he has done worse than what some people have done, who are convicted for racism?”


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