The Hunted Job Hunter

A bloody axe and a blood pool on concrete in the city [istock photo]

Job hunting tips contributed by Victor Lastfive Jackson

Searching For A Better Job in 2022? Read Through Now!

Dear brother/Sister… in this 2022, the job you are following up in secret , you don’t want anybody to know so they won’t take it from you…

We understand that jobs are scarce and we must be smarter than others to make it ….

You can still verify by yourself if the job is a trap

(1)A multinational company located in South South of Nigerià …

(2) Graduates needed for immediate employment , “call this number” – Run

(3) Ushers needed at Odukpani, 10k everyday for 20 days – Run

(4) A leading commercial bank located in one of the capital cities in Nigeria – Run very fast

(5) SSCE, NCE, B.Sc , M.Sc can apply for the same job, salary is 100k – Run- Runaway

(6) Come for interview at Ewet Housing by – Run

(8) Come for interview at a hotel – Run as fast as you can

(9) Employer call you back more than twice and ask if you don’t need the job again and you don’t know location of the company – Runaway

(10) Jobs advert on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram without verifiable company name and profile- Dissappear

(11) Congratulations, you have gotten the job you didn’t apply, call Danladi on……take race

They have jobs, but not for you, it maybe your organs that keep them in business..

Do not become the hunted job hunter

Victor Lastfive Jackson is an architect, a husband and most important a father. If you have any questions or contracts, reach him here

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