Passion Or Money, Which Should Guide Your Career Choice?


Money is an item generally accepted as payment for goods and services or an item generally recognized as medium of exchange for transactional purposes in an economy.

This has made money the most important item anybody can be in possession of and as such, people always tend to do anything possible to acquire money as much as possible.
Without enough money, it is almost impossible for anybody to live a comfortable life today, leaving everyone scampering for same object and thereby making it become harder to get.

But how does one get hold of this all important and lifesaving object? Simply by working hard and getting paid for it. The work could be for yourself or for someone else, but it’s not negotiable that you must work to make money.

Knowing that money is very important to making life worthwhile and also with the knowledge that you have to work to get the money, should money now be the driver of your career choice or rather passion should?

Again, the importance of money in everyone’s life cannot be overemphasized but I personally feel that passion should be the guide to everybody’s career. When you allow your passion to be the driver of your career choice, you will be so good at what you do that more people will seek your service or seek to buy your product which will definitely mean more money coming in for you.

In essence, what I am saying is that you might miss your road to bigger success if you allow money rather than passion to drive your career. First of all, money is likely to make you choose a wrong career.

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A career you are not passionate about would rarely take you to the pinnacle of it. You may begin to make the money you seek at first, but the time will come when your lack of passion for what you do will be obvious and that’s when things will begin to fall apart for you.

But with passion, you will gradually grow in your chosen career and the result will be that you will not only make money, you will make the money so seamlessly. At the end of the day, you have not only made money but also found fulfillment by doing exactly what you love doing and at the same time getting handsomely paid for doing it.

So it is good to go for money because it is very essential, but rather than going out rightly for money, allow your passion to take you there as I believe that’s the best route to being a fulfilled moneybag.


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