Complete UEFA Qualification Results For 2022 World Cup On Tuesday October 12 2021


Matches were played on Tuesday by European teams seeking qualification for next year’s FIFA World Cup.

See complete results below:

Group A

FT Portugal 5-0 Luxembourg

FT Serbia 3-1 Azerbaijan

Group B

FT Kosovo 1-2 Georgia

FT Sweden 2-0 Greece

Group C

FT Bulgaria 2-1 Northern Ireland

FT Lithuania 0-4 Switzerland

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Group D

FT Kazakhstan 0-2 Finland

FT Ukraine 1-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Group F

FT Denmark 1-0 Austria

FT Faroe Islands 0-1 Scotland

FT Israel 2-1 Moldova

Group I

FT Albania 0-1 Poland

FT England 1-1 Hungary

FT San Marino 0-3 Andorra

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