If You Want To Marry Him, Spend The Damn Night With Him

Victor Lastfive Jackson

As suggestive and as wired as the headline could sound especially for the religious community; the conservatives, it is pertinent you read down the whole excerpt in order to understand why Vantage News fore-most columnist would ever dare to suggest you spend the “damn” night with a man you are not yet married to.

On today’s edition of strangely, Victor Lastfive Jackson opined that the period of courtship is the period of getting to know more about your spouse-to-be.

According to him, “many people make the mistake of using this important period for cruise, flying from Abuja to space to catch fun and eat goat meat… living in a Dreamland.

Many young women are dating in the city with men they met in the city, if you ask them where the man is from, they don’t know. All they know is that “he is an Igbo man” and I beg to ask; is Igbo a state? Is it a Local Government Area? Do you know the clan?

Do you know that most of these intending wives have never worshipped with their man, they don’t even know if his parents are the chief priest of a village shrine whom their sons are heirs. Lols right?? and they don’t ask questions…

Get all the truths before you accept the engagement ring. If he is in a hurry, tell him to be “calming” down…

If you feel you don’t know your spouse to be much, “be calming down too sis”.

Ask reasonable questions, NOT what do you do for a living?

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Forget that thing your pastor will say “don’t spend the night with him” …if you want to marry him, spend the damn night with him.

Some men actually wake up at midnight to perform rituals and incantations. Don’t follow flamboyant lifestyle to collect ring before you learn the truth to know.

The truth you failed to know while dating, will be rubbed on your face when you finally meet his kinsmen.”

Now that we know his genuine reason for making the above statement, I wish to ask, do we still have to crucify him or should he be getting ready for a thank you treat by a good Samaritan this week?

Victor Lastfive Jackson is an architect, a husband and most important a father. If you have any questions or contracts, reach him here


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