Couple Electrocuted A Day After Returning From Honeymoon

Couple Electrocuted A Day After Returning From Honeymoon

A newly-wed couple Zaheer Sarang and Nabeelah Khan were electrocuted to death on Sunday June 13, just a day after they returned from their honeymoon.

According to Gauteng police, the bodies of the South Africa couple were found on Sunday afternoon.

Johannesburg police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo said the couple’s bodies were found in the shower.

“It is suspected that the couple were electrocuted. Police are still waiting for the post-mortem results that will confirm the cause of death.”

It was alleged that 24-year-old Khan was electrocuted after touching a tap in the shower and her husband was electrocuted when he tried to help her.

Community activist, Aziz Ally told newsmen that power outages and illegal connections in the area were a big problem.

“The problem is that there are many other residents from Homestead Park, Mayfair South that are also experiencing this shocking when they touch the taps at their house.

“It does seem to be a bigger problem in terms of what is going on.”

City Power CEO, Mongezi Ntsokolo also confirmed the incident and has since ordered an urgent investigation into allegations that a fault, caused by illegal electricity connections led to the couple’s death.

“From Monday morning a team has been busy with a preliminary investigation to establish the facts, and we will provide the details later.

“While we are busy with investigations, we urge the residents to desist from tampering with electricity infrastructure, vandalism and illegal connections which may lead to the circuit malfunctioning.”

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