Dispersing Insurgents In North-East Drove Them Further Across Nigeria – Buhari

President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has lamented the increasing insecurity in the country and blamed it on insurgents who are being chased from the North-East part of the country which has served as main base of their operations for some years now.

Buhari said this in the speech he delivered on morning of Saturday June 12, for the commemoration of Democracy Day.

The President in his address noted that tackling insecurity was part of what made Nigerians vote for him  in 2015.

But he said that the unintended consequences of our scattering the criminals in the North East pushed them further in-country which is what his administration is now facing and dealing with.

Buhari regretted this unfortunate difficult situation which according to him, some Nigerian criminals are taking undue advantage of and profiteering therefrom with the misguided belief that adherence to the democratic norms handicaps this Administration from frontally and decisively tackling them.

The President condoled with the families and friends of gallant service men and women who lost their lives in the line of duty and as a sacrifice to keep Nigeria safe and also extended the same condolence to the families and friends of our country men, women and children who were unfortunate victims of such senseless arsons, kidnappings and murders.

He said he shares the pains of families and direct victims of ransom-seeking, kidnaped victims who went through unimaginable trauma in the course of their forced imprisonment.

He assured that by the Grace of God, his administration will put an end to these challenges which it has already started addressing.

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