‘It’s Been Four Years Of F***ing With You “ Anita Joseph Celebrates Husband 4 Years After

''Thank God I Never Listened To Them That Said We Will Never Work" Anita Joseph Celebrates Husband 4 Years After

Anita Joseph and her husband, Olagunju, are celebrating years of being together.

Recall that the couple officially tied the knot in February 2021.

On June 8 2021, Anita took to her Instagram page, thanking God for not listening to people who said she and her husband wouldn’t work as a couple.

”It’s been Four years of f***ing with you “
Dear boyfriend turned Hubby and best friend
It’s been four good years of my Life”
Four years of God’s faithfulness
Four years of waking up to the best man best husband on earth “
Four years of full tank Filling eiiiiiiii
Four years of peace of mind”
Four years of constant Glow “
to us @realmcfish as we will celebrate our
100 years together stronger and in Good health Amen
I willl choose you over and over again Pappy “
Thank God I never listened to them that said we will never work smh “
And I askd what do they know ndi aramashiogri
Story for another Day
8th of JUNE will always be special to us ”

‘It’s Been Four Years Of Fucking With You “ Anita Joseph Celebrates Husband 4 Years After

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