Banditry: Niger Govt Bans Commercial Motorcycles In Minna

Commercial Motorcyclists

The Niger State Government has banned commercial motorcycles from operating in Minna over rising insecurity.

According to the Deputy Governor, Ahmed Ketso, who disclosed this on Wednesday, the ban was proactive move to protect the city and government seat from bandits.

Ketso said this while briefing Journalists at the Government House in Minna.

“The ban on commercial motorcyclists is a step to avoid an attack. However private motorcyclists are free to operate from 6 am to 9 pm every day,” he said.

“There is the need to protect Minna as the seat of government because as we all can see, the bandits are leaving around us.”

Ketso added that the government is committed to rescuing the abducted schoolchildren from an Islamic School a week ago.

“I want to assure you that we have intensified efforts towards the safe release of the abducted children. We are being careful to ensure that there is no collateral damage on the part of the pupil we are rescuing,” he said.

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