Thiago Silva’s Wife Celebrates Tottenham For Helping Chelsea Make Top 4

Thiago Silva’s wife, Isabele, has taken to Instagram to appreciate Tottenham Hotspur for doing Chelsea a favour by beating Leicester City on the last day of the Premier League.

The victory ensured Chelsea qualified for next season’s Champions League despite losing 2-1 to Aston Villa.

Isabele’s new found love for Tottenham came just days after criticising Chelsea’s north London rivals in an Instagram video.

She was seen on Sunday celebrating Tottenham’s 4-2 win, expressing support and love for the team.

The video shared on Instagram saw Isabele and her family celebrating Harry Kane’s goal against Leicester.

She was heard chanting ‘We love Tottenham’ as those around her danced around the room celebrating their rivals crucial victory.

Thiago Silva's Wife Celebrates Tottenham For Helping Chelsea Make Top 4 - Vantage News Nigeria


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