Armed Robbers Reportedly Invade Aso Rock, Ransack Buhari’s Chief Of Staff Residence

Aso Rock Villa
Aso Rock Villa

A gang of armed robbers have reportedly invaded Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja and made away with a lot of items.

Residences of the Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Professor Ibrahim Gambari as well as that of an admin officer Abubakar Maikano within the premises of the Villa were reported to be specific targets by the robbers.

According to Peoples Gazette, the robbers took away many valuables from both residences during the attack which occurred on Sunday, May 9, 2021.

The online news platform also reported that both Gambari and Maikano were forced to temporarily abandon their residences in the Villa due to the strange occurrence.

It however remains unclear if any official documents were taken by the attackers.

“Their houses were robbed and the robbers packed money and other valuable assets from both houses,”

“The robbers took away as much as possible from both places,” a security officer quoted in the report said.

“What is more unfortunate is that no one has been arrested,” the source added.

The development is a major source of concern given the rising spate of criminal activities and general insecurity across the nation but the Aso Rock Villa believed to be impenetrable due to the heavy presence of security operatives and restricted access.

However, VANTAGE NEWS understands that no immediate explanation has been offered for the said security breach in the nation’s seat of power.

Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Prof Gambari did not immediately return a request seeking comments on the matter.

Similarly, a spokesman for the Department of State Services (DSS) said he would not comment on the matter and a spokeswoman for the police in Abuja abruptly disconnected the call upon hearing The Gazette’s inquiry was about a security breach at the Presidential Villa.


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