Nigerians Knock Femi Adesina Over ‘Let Us Breathe’ Statement

Femi Adesina

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has come under heavy criticism over the content of a statement he released on Thursday.

Adesina had in the statement, said, “Don’t asphyxiate us, let us breathe. Remove your knees from the neck of Nigeria, and let the country be. What do we owe you, that you make it seem we must never have peace?

He underplayed the insecurity situation in the country saying, “These agent provocateurs were the first to sow the seed of evil, disharmony and suspicion in the country, through the war of tongues they have deployed against the government of the day for many years. In their estimation, nothing good is happening in the country, except killings and bloodshed. And the only way out, in their narrow minds, is a removal of the constitutional order.”

Adesina also likened the country  to ‘the testicles of a ram, which gyrates from side to side, as the animal runs.’

See how Nigerians on twitter are reacting below:

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