Contract Allegation: Fr. Mbaka Issues Explosive Reply To Garba Shehu, APC (Full Video)

Fr. Mbaka
Fr. Mbaka

The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has blasted presidential spokesman Garba Shehu and the All Progressives Congress for attacking him and threatening to report him to the Pope.

The attack on Mbaka by Shehu and the APC came after the fiery Catholic priest had called for the resignation or impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari over rising insecurity in the country.

While Shehu accused the clergyman of asking for contracts for his support for Buhari, the president’s party APC threatened to expose and report him to Pope, who is the supreme leader of the Catholic Church worldwide.

But in his reply during Sunday mass, Fr. Mbaka said it’s only stupid people who attack message from God. “I’m not afraid of anybody in this job, I’m doing this job for God. So if anybody says he’s angry for what is being said, whatever he wants to do to himself he should do. I’m a messenger of God, so you should be stupid to be attacking a message from God. No matter who you are God is above all of us, so if you don’t feel happy that God is revealing secret to you; God is giving you expo, it’s an expo – instead of him destroying you silently, he tells you look at what you should do, you are not doing well in so so places. So why should Mbaka be attacked by any reasonable human being? Whether you call yourself Shehu or what there is no need for that. I don’t even need to explain what I said once it’s from the oracle of God, my work is to listen to God, if he says I should talk I will say it and take my leave, Fr. Mbaka said.”

The priest said that in Nigeria, if you say the truth you will be attacked, but that he will survive the attack of those attacking men of God whom he described as crocodiles who want to eat the fishes in the fish pond.

He said instead of those in government attacking the messenger, they should rather challenge the truth; whether there is insecurity or not, whether there is good hospitals in this country or not.

On the allegation of giving him contract, Fr. Mbaka said it’s a laughable childish accusation. He said, “whoever is saying that is a shame to himself and shame to the people he is representing. Father Mbaka’s voice came from the spiritual, so what I’m saying is unchallengeable.”

He said he has been silent because he was waiting for them to change until God said he should speak. Mbaka boasted that he is not just a priest but also a job provider, saying that direct salary earners from him monthly are not less than 23,000. “So the person challenging father Mbaka, how many people are you feeding? So if I talk you talk because the government is paying you, do you know how many people I’m paying? The priest quizzed rhetorically.

On the threat by Buhari’s party APC to report him to the Pope, Fr. Mbaka laughed it off and said that Rome would clap for him if they hear that he is challenging evil government. Emphasizing more on that, the priest gave a funny analogy using one of the best footballers in the world, Lionel Messi. He said, “you will go and report Messi to FIFA that he plays too much, they will make him soccer ambassador. The insecurity I’m talking about can affect them, even the Shehu who is talking the bandits can kill him. How will a whole Nigeria not have a quality hospital and the president will be flown abroad when he is sick, what a shame!

He said if the federal government’s problem is that he is blessing Nnamdi Kanu that he does not have apology for that because the IPOB leader is his brother and spiritual son.

Fr. Mbaka said many more in his Sunday message and you can watch the full video below:


















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