Chimamanda Mourns Mother’s Loss Barely Eight Months After Father’s Death

Chimamanda and mother
Chimamanda and mother

Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has expressed deep sadness over the death of her mother Mrs. Grace Ifeoma Adichie, who died just about eight months after the death of her husband.

She was 78 years old.

Mrs. Adichie died suddenly on Monday, March 1st, 2021 in Awka, Anambra State.

Paying a glowing tribute to her mother in a post on Facebook late Wednesday night, Chimamanda wondered how her mother could be gone forever soon after her father.

The renowned author described her mother as being warm, loving, funny, kind, quick-witted, beautiful. she added that late Mrs. Adichie was an unconditional supporter and cheerleader of her children, fun and funny, source of delicious sarcasm, style icon, and so sharply observant she never missed a thing.

According to Chimamanda, her mother made history as the first female registrar of the University of Nigeria, and she was a permanent board member of the Anambra State Basic Education Board ASUBEB before her death.

Describing how her mother died, the novelist wrote: “On Friday she was at work, in her ASUBEB office in Awka.

Her lovely assistant Mimi said she seemed a bit tired. Still, back home after work, she walked the half mile to St. Paul’s Church for Stations of the Cross. On Saturday, she spent time in Louisa’s shop, outside the gate of our house in Abba, watching the cars and people on the dusty road. On Sunday, her driver drove her to Mass. Sunday evening she was unwell. She was taken to a private hospital in Awka. We were worried, but a few hours later, she was better, sitting up, eating rice. On the phone I told her, “We love you, Mummy, try and rest.”
The next morning, the doctor sent an update to say she was doing even better. But moments later, he took the sudden bewildering decision to transfer her to the Teaching Hospital, and she was hastily moved there. He claimed the Teaching Hospital had better facilities. “Do my children know I’m being transferred?” she is said to have asked. Two hours after she arrived at the Teaching Hospital, she died. It was March 1st, my father’s birthday.”


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