Bombarding Bandits Increased Kidnappings In Kaduna – Sheik Gumi

File photo of Sheik Gumi with bandits

Popular Islamic Cleric, Sheik Gumi, has said the increased spate of kidnappings in Kaduna State can be attributed to the resolve of the state government to bombard camps of bandits.

VANTAGE NEWS reports that bandits have been on rampage in the state in recent days including the killing of 5 out of the 23 kidnapped students of Greenfield University. The bandits also attacked a baptist church last Sunday and killed some worshipers, kidnapping a few others.

Gumi, who spoke to The Punch on Monday, said the bandits had suffered heavy casualties and were determined to retaliate.

He said, “It is because the other states are trying to respect the peace (of the bandits), but in Kaduna State, it has been declared that they should be bombed and annihilated. Whenever the attack is much on them, they will fight back. I am calling on the authorities to pipe down and let’s see how we can get them to reason and stop kidnappings and shedding of innocent blood.”

Gumi, who asked the government to put the interest of the kidnapped students first, urged the state government to change its “no negotiation” stand with the bandits.

He added that a particular faction of the bandits was responsible for the recent attacks in the state.

“The lives of the students are more important than any principle; their lives first. So, let’s save them. It is one particular notorious sect that is doing all these and other ones are blaming him (the gang leader),” he said.

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