Sunny Neji, Gangali, Ohio Join MCSN’s Board

Sunny Neji, Gangali, Ohio Join MCSN’s Board

Showbiz cum business personalities, Sunny Neji, Fapohunda Asha Gangali and Matthew Ohio have been appointed to the board of Musical Copyright Society Nigeria (MCSN).

At its meeting held on March 18, 2021, the MCSN’s General Council received, considered and unanimously approved the nominations of the music impresarios as members of the collecting society’s board of directors.

The appointment of Sunny Neji and Asha Gangali follows MCSN’s agreement with the Performing Musicians’ Employers’ Association of Nigeria (PMAN), which provides that the music body would have two seats on the board of MCSN. On the other hand, the appointment of Matthew Ohio was based on his wide interest and representations in the music industry upon which MCSN would leverage to increase the quality and quantity of its membership and huge repertoire.

While announcing the appointments, the Managing Director, MCSN, Mayo Ayilaran said it signifies the bringing on deck more hands to work for the building of the required structures for the music industry, as well as strengthening the capacity of the collective management of copyright in Nigeria. “With the partnership of PMAN and MCSN, prosperity for the Nigerian music industry and musicians is assured,” he affirmed.

Reacting to his appointment, Sunny Neji says, “It is indeed a privilege to serve in this capacity. I promise to do my best to add value to MCSN and indeed the industry at large.”

Gangali, who gladly accepted the appointment, promised to work with other directors in line with the goals and visions of MCSN “to become the best Collective Management Organisation in Africa and one of the best in the world.”

On his part, Matthew Ohio said he feels highly honoured to be appointed as director of MCSN. “I intend to carry out my duties in the interest of the music industry and its practitioners at large while applying my knowledge and resources to bring value to MCSN.”

However, PMAN President, Pretty Okafor considers the appointments of the trio as a fresh beginning for the Nigerian music industry. “It is a great sign and proof that the partnership between MCSN and PMAN is no fluke, as it would turn the music industry around for good,” he averred.

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