Nigeria Navy Collaborates With Spanish Navy To Improve Capacity Along Gulf Of Guniea


Four Nigerian Navy Ships in collaboration with the Spanish Navy War Ship (SNS) Furor will conduct a two-day sea exercise to develop capacity towards improving protection at the Gulf of Guniea.

The Flag Officer Commanding (FOC) Western Naval Command, Rear Admiral Jason Gbassa said this to newsmen during SNS visit to the command on Tuesday.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the exercise will hold from April 7 to April 8.

Nigeria Navy Collaborates With Spanish Navy To Improve Capacity Along Gulf Of Guniea - Vantage News Nigeria

Gbassa said that SNS visit would further consolidate the relationship between the two countries which would improve capacity on the side of the Nigerian Navy as well as the relationship at the higher level.

“As part of our naval responsibilities, navies all over the world as a universal service, always collaborate and cooperate in areas of maritime operations.

“Your port visit to Lagos is inline with that function of the navy and it is our pleasure to have you around.

Nigeria Navy Collaborates With Spanish Navy To Improve Capacity Along Gulf Of Guniea - Vantage News Nigeria

“The exercise we plan to conduct together will go a long way to improve our capacity of monitoring our maritime environment and further cementing our relationship,” he said.

The FOC said that the Nigerian Navy and the Spanish Navy have had relationship that dates back for a while.

“Over the last two years, this is the fourth SNS that is visiting Nigeria and at each of their visit, we conduct exercise together as regards the protection of the Gulf of Guniea.

“Their experience must have informed and encouraged your port call, so we intend to build on your visit to go further into other areas of training.

“Areas where we will have to do joint training exchange programmes at the higher level that will contribute to all our efforts to secure not just our waters but indeed the Gulf of Guinea,” Gbassa said.

Commanding Officer, SNS Furor, Lt.-Cdr. Diego Mendoza said that collaborating with the Nigerian Navy which was the biggest navy at the Gulf of Guniea would yield profitable results interms of improving security.

Mendoza said that spanish vessels usually don’t sail at the Gulf therefore the collaboration would provide a wonderful opportunity for such experiences and provide opportunity to work with the Nigerian Navy as well.

“As brothers at sea, we are trying to organise a two days exercise together to continue to strengthen our joint capacity for the future,” he said.

The commander said that he appreciated the Western Naval Command for the proximity they had shown with SNS Furor and his crew.

“They have attended to our requests inspite of the COVID-19 restrictions which often affects crew members.

“We have spent one month and fifteen days at sea and the command has offered us to use their facilities at the naval base which has been beneficial to my crew.

“We are thankful for this gesture,” Mendoza said.

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