Yorubas and Fulanis Are In Boxing Ring Over Hijab – Senator

Photo used to illusrate the story/Audu Marte, AFP

A former senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani, has reacted to the ongoing hijab crisis in Kwara State.

Recall that the Kwara State government recently reopened schools it shut down over controversy surrounding the stopping of female Muslim students from wearing the hijab to the schools.

The issue has generated a lot of controversy in the state as both Muslim and Christian groups have been issuing statements accusing each other of escalating the crisis.

In a tweet, Shehu Sani said that Kwara has been turned to a boxing ring by Fulanis and Yorubas that used to live peacefully together.

He said, “The Only state where Yoruba and Fulani ‘are one’ is Kwara;And now they are in a boxing ring over Hijab.”

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