I Wept The Day I Found Out My Son Was Gay – Doyin Okupe

Doyin Okupe and son, Bolu

Doyin Okupe, a former senior special assistant on public affairs to former president Goodluck Jonathan, has said he cried the day he discovered his son, Bolu Okupe, was gay.

Okupe spoke during an interview with VanguardLiveTV’s “The Controversy’ on Wednesday.

VANTAGE NEWS reported that Bolu in January, posted a picture of himself, admitting that he was gay.

Okupe said, “We’ve always known that Bolu was like that. He’s even much more than that. He’s incredible with what he does and capable of doing. All is other siblings are one but Bolu had designed his mind to never live in Nigeria.

“Unfortunately for me, his mother took him abroad very early. He did major parts of his secondary school in United Kingdom.

“So, Bolu thinks he lives European (he’s my son) but his mind is European. I also know that he’s easily influenced by his environment. I know that for a fact because he came home one time for holiday, and this is the person that’s been questioning the Bible but all of a sudden, he’s on fire in terms of scripture having spent some months in Nigeria. His elder brother who is a pastor now helped him spiritually during that time.

“I made a greatest mistake to send him to France because that’s an extremely liberal society. So, the family had known that Bolu had that tendency. The day I knew, I wept. Have gone past that. We’re just praying for him but I also know that, God’s ways are not our ways, and He knows the beginning from the end. Mark my words, he (Bolu) is on sojourn to the gay community in order to be an instrument of God to that community eventually. That’s what going to happen by the grace of God.”

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