Ikwere Carpets Asari Dokubo Over Formation Of Biafra Government

Asari Dokubo
Asari Dokubo

Asari Dokubo has received condemnation from the Ikwerre People’s Congress (IPC) for announcing the formation of Biafra Customary Government (BCG), which encompasses South East and South South regions.

According to the group, the BCG formation is a fiction movie.

In a statement in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on Tuesday, the IPC convener, Livingstone Wechie, said Asari’s antecedents were fraught with inconsistencies.

Wechie said Asari lacked the power and permission to speak for Ikwerre people or solely for the Niger Delta people.

“IPC attention has been drawn to a certain report wherein Asari-Dokubo purportedly proclaimed himself as the leader of a group he christened ‘Biafra’ and has allegedly co-opted the entire Niger Delta, including Ikwerre land into his imaginary map.

“Ordinarily, we are compelled to address and react to this vexatious report not minding the fact that the antecedents of Asari-Dokubo is fraught with inconsistencies. This is for record purposes, so that the unsuspecting public is not misled by this fiction movie.

“Whereas IPC and, in deed, Niger Deltans and the entire Lower Niger Belt respect individual rights, including Asari’s freedom of expression and association. These rights have their fundamental limitations and implications and apply to Asari.

“For the records, Ikwerre is an independent ethnic nation in Nigeria with a global spread and are not subservient to any other ethnic block whatsoever and under any guise.

“Therefore, IPC, in its right along with other credible sociocultural organisations in Ikwerre nation, are the only bodies with the legitimate authority to make representations and speak on behalf of the Ikwerre nation and its people on issues that affect our interest.

“On this note, we state categorically that although Asari’s fore-bearers owe their ancestry to Ikwerre nation, and whereas, Asari is a Niger Delta son with his fundamental rights to his identity and affinities, he does not have the right, authority, permission and or legitimacy to speak on behalf of the Ikwerre nation or to speak solely for the Niger Delta under any guise either by himself or through his cronies or agents.

“No doubt, we have disputation and aspirations in pursuit of the respect and demand for self-determination over our lands and resources, including political rights as a people in the Lower Niger and the Niger Delta, in particular, which aspirations we share with our neighbours and ethnic counterparts.”

Wechie said no position, negotiation or consultations would be made over the Ikwerre nation without their voluntary consent and mandate.

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