Guests Discover Several Hidden Cameras In Ogun Hotel Rooms

Hotel room
Hotel room
Hotel room
Hotel room

Guests who lodged in a hotel Ayepe area of Ogun state have taken to social media to callout the hotel after discovering hidden cameras in their rooms.

According to the guests who were visibly agitated, the cameras were hidden in the AC, such that it was difficult to notice it.

In a now viral video posted on social media, the occupants of the rooms said they discovered five cameras in the rooms they lodged, questioning why cameras should be in rooms, thereby denying guests their privacy.

In the video, one of the men is seen lamenting that the camera has obviously captured his mother’s nakedness because she leaves the bathroom for her room naked.

“This is a room in the hotel we are sleeping in Ayepe, we just found out that there’s a camera installed in every room. These are the four we removed from other rooms.

“This has recorded my mothers nakedness, this is the fifth camera in the room”. He said.

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