Man Rapes 50 Women, Robs 100 Houses In Ondo

Shina Adaramola
Man Rapes 50 Women, Robs 100 Houses In Ondo - Vantage News Nigeria
Shina Adaramola

The Ondo State Security Network Agency, aka Operation Amotekun, has arrested a 46-year-old man, Shina Adaramola, for alleged theft in Owo, the headquarters of Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State.

The suspect, a bricklayer, during interrogation, claimed to have robbed over 100 houses, adding that he used charms to rape about 50 women.

According to a report from Punch news, Adaramola, who lives in Ijare, had a fiancée who left him for another man a few days to their wedding.

According to him, he became broke and frustrated, hence the reason he got involved in armed robbery, which in his words were lucrative for him.

In Adaramola’s words, “Whenever there is a party, I pretend to be one of the organisers. I have a special wine opener which I use to open wine for rich people in the party. With that, I get my victims.

“I have been involved in this act for a long time since I lost everything and my landlord chased me out of his house, and my fiancée said I was not good for her anymore.

Similarly, he confessed to have raped about 50 women. “I have raped about 50 women. Whenever I wanted to rape any woman, I always make sure I operate at night and the woman will fall for me after using charms on her. I make sure I cover the women’s faces while in the act.” he said.

The Commander of the Amotekun, Adetunji Adeleye, said the suspect was arrested by the corps during their ‘Operation Clean Up’ exercise.

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