FG To Sell Public Assets To Fund 2021 Budget

President Muhammadu Buhari presenting the 2021 budget
FG To Sell Public Assets To Fund 2021 Budget - Vantage News Nigeria
President Muhammadu Buhari presenting the 2021 budget

The federal government is making plans to sell some government-owned properties to raise funds to augment the 2021 budget shortfall of N5.2 trillion.

In addition to borrowing locally and internationally, the government is also planning to sell some non-oil assets to serve as additional source of finance for the year’s budget.

This arrangement is contained in the public budget presentation made recently by the Finance Minister, Zainab Ahmed.

The N13.58 trillion budget for the 2021 fiscal year is N505 billion higher than the budget proposed in October, 2020.

In the budget, N496.5 billion was approved for statutory transfers and N3.3 trillion for debt servicing.

The recurrent expenditure was put at N5.6 trillion with capital expenditure at N4.1 trillion and fiscal deficit at N5.2 trillion (5,196,007,992,292).

There are criticisms over government’s habit of borrowing to fund budgets annually.

For this year, the government is to borrow N5.6 trillion from domestic and foreign resources. The amount being the total deficit for the 2021 budget.

This represents 3.93 per cent of the GDP.

According to the budget, “Sales of government property” and “non-oil asset sales” were listed under the “additional financing” section of the document. This section shows an overview of how the deficit will be financed.

Although it did not state the companies listed for sale, neither did it state the expected revenue from the sales, this confirms earlier speculations of the government’s plan to sell off some properties.

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