Non-Academic Unions Threaten To Shut Down Universities

Non-Academic Staff of Universities protesting at National Assembly in 2018 PHOTO: Femi Ipaye
Non-Academic Unions Threaten To Shut Down Universities - Vantage News Nigeria
Non-Academic Staff of Universities protesting at National Assembly in 2018.  Photo: Femi Ipaye

The non-academic unions of universities are threatening to shut down universities across the country over the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS) and the sharing formula for the N40bn earned allowance.

The unions expressed their grievances as protests over the issues rocked university towns across the country.

Recall that the Federal Government  on December 22, fulfilled agreements reached with ASUU by releasing N40bn earned allowance to universities. It motivated ASUU to suspend its industrial action that started on March 23.

Reports of the sharing formula for the earned allowance being 75 per cent for ASUU and 25 per cent for the non-academic unions did not go down well with the non-teaching staff of the universities.

In separate interviews with VANTAGE NEWS, members of the non-academic staff said the failure of the government to implement the recommendations of the forensic audit report on the earned allowance was the cause of the current crisis over the sharing formula.

They accused the government of coming up with a sharing formula without following any logic.

Speaking to journalists at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Chairman of the non-academic staff Joint Action Committee, Sulisma Jatau, lamented over the IPPIS introduced by the Federal Government.

He said that the unions joined the payment system in error.

“The unions in the universities joined the IPPIS because we were deceived that it was a platform that would eradicate corruption and bring transparency.

“We even complained about some irregularities we had in some universities. We went there (Abuja) and rubbed minds and it took us almost six months to tell them that we had some peculiarities in some universities and the platform would not capture them.

“They promised us that that the platform would be flexible that it would encompass everything,  but to our dismay, when we joined, we became poorer than we were.

“Our salaries are being deducted unnecessarily.  In fact, for the past 11 months, we have been getting different salaries. So we discovered that for you to correct one anomaly, you have to go to Abuja. This is counterproductive. We now believe that the IPPIS is corrupt,” Jatau said.

He called on the FG to address the issues raised by the unions before school resumption to avoid disrupting the academic calendar of universities.

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