The World Is For Those Who Dare

The World Is For Those Who Dare
The World Is For Those Who Dare - Vantage News Nigeria
The World Is For Those Who Dare

Contributed by Victor Lastfive Jackson

A bird was in search of where to lay its eggs, out of the entire neighborhood, it flew to my door step to set up it’s nest.

At first the bird will come in when we go out to work and fly out as soon as we come back in…

The bird of course  knew that it is dangerous to share space with a human being who may decide to kill it for meat but that didn’t stop it from trying…

The day my wife saw the bird she asked me what to do, I told her that a bird do not go to where there is no peace, and also to lay eggs is symptoms of fruitfulness…

Everyone who visited us drew our attention in awe to the bird and expected us to chase it away…

If a bird from the bush dared all odds to visit us, my family will not betray that trust…

The bird has since grew from trepidation to a stage which we take selfie together… #fully #Domesticated or should I call a pet?

In the midst of everything I learnt a great lesson, that in the other side of fear, there exist opportunities and this opportunities is ONLY for those who dare!

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