Men And Boobs

Boobs. Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

Contributed by Marypeace Obioha.

It is evident that Men love boobs especially good boobs. This knowledge came from my personal survey from a good number of young men. For a lot of men who find it hard to control themselves, you could catch them staring especially when you are before them.

Little wonder, they can easily paint a picture in their head of what is beneath the clothing. Yes, men do that a lot.

Dear Ladies, despite the fact that he loves good boobs, he doesn’t mind trying to check out other qualities that you may possess. No wonder many men eventually ended up with ladies with little or nothing to show.

I want you to understand that, when you stand before the mirror bare, what stares back at you, is a creature made without your permission. It is no fault of yours that you are the way you are. The only fault of yours is when you do not properly package what you see before you.

Many times, we bother so much about what our man thinks of us that we are pushed to go the extra mile like going for a breast enlargement. I hope you know that this comes with it’s consequences. But the truth is, enlarging it won’t even solve the problem with men.

Stop thinking for Men, these are one of the smartest creatures on earth because only them knows what appeals to them at different times and seasons.

I want you to be yourself and just appreciate you for you. Appreciate your body so much that all you would need is good dieting and some specific exercises to boost the areas of your body that you want to work on. And hey, there are 101 others things you can channel your energy into that could make you more attractive and make up for your shortcomings.

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Marypeace is the founder of Today’s Youth With A Difference (TYWAD), a youth organisation interested in raising a generation of purposeful youth with a difference in Life and in Relationships. Her motto is “Empowering Youth for Exploits”.


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