Kremlin Critic Reveals Putin Has Cancer, Parkinson, Plans To Quit

Vladimir Putin
Kremlin Critic Reveals Putin Has Cancer, Parkinson, Plans To Quit - Vantage News Nigeria
Vladimir Putin raised eyebrows as he broke into a coughing fit and struggled to finish his sentence during a televised meeting about the coronavirus

A of critic of Vladimir Putin has alleged that the Russian leader is seriously ill and on the verge of leaving the Kremlin permanently.

Kremlin has dismissed all reports of the President’s ill-health as “nonsense.” They insist Putin is “absolutely normal.”

However, a former head of PR at Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Valery Solovie, disagrees. He maintained, his sources “at the epicentre of decision making” has revealed Putin had a surgery in February for cancer.

On Wednesday, November 18, more attention was drawn to Putin’s health as he coughed during a televised meeting with top officials.

Solovei states that 68-year-old Putin’s has two health problems: “One is of psycho-neurological nature, the other is a cancer problem.

“If anyone is interested in the exact diagnosis, I’m not a doctor, and I have no ethical right to reveal these problems.

”The second diagnosis is a lot, lot more dangerous than the first named diagnosis as Parkinson’s does not threaten physical state, but just limits public appearances.
“But there is a fatal diagnosis.

“Based on this information people will be able to make a conclusion about his life horizon, which wouldn’t even require specialist medical education.”

Valery Solovei suggests Putin might announce his daughter as a possible ‘heir’ as plans for his exit from power targets early 2021.


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