My Story: See Different Ways Nigerians React To Heartbreak

IAN HOOTON/Science Photo Library/Corbis
My Story: See Different Ways Nigerians React To Heartbreak - Vantage News Nigeria
IAN HOOTON/Science Photo Library/Corbis

Heartbreak is a metaphor popularly used to describe the intense emotional pain one feels after a love adventure with someone comes to an end.

Individuals react differently to the pain that comes with heartbreak.

While some take to the heavy consumption of alcohol, some others find relief in hanging out with friends and talking about the heartbreak.

In this vox pop by Chiadikaobi Ihuoma, some Nigerians shared with VANTAGE NEWS, how they react to heartbreaks.

A Lagos resident who wishes to be simply identified as Emmanuela stated that she cries till she doesn’t feel like shedding tears anymore.

She said, “I just cry till I don’t feel like crying anymore.” She said. “Basically, I just feel it out. I allow myself to feel everything, the sadness, the hurt, everything till it gets better,” she added.

Reacting to the question, an Ibadan resident, Deborah, said, “Listening to Juice Wrld songs, drinking more than my head could carry, and having my bath multiple times so that no one would notice me cry in the bathroom.”

Esther said, “I cry and get extremely busy so that I won’t have to always remember or think about him.”

“I just drink different brands of alcohol till I pass out,” an Aba resident, Bobby said.

Reacting, Elochukwu said, “I simply drink and eat a lot when it happens.”

Echezona said, “Juice Wrld’s sad songs do it for me. I play them at all times and the lyrics have a way of healing me.”

Some of the respondents said that they just allow time to heal them, adding that there’s nothing they do that can truly help them at that time.

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“My dear, nothing at all, time will heal it,” Sarat said.

Reiterating Sarat’s view, Okwudili said, “Personally, I have suffered a lot of heartbreaks. There was one I thought I was going to die but see me now, still alive and happy. I did not do anything in particular. I just allowed time to pass and I got over it.”

A group of persons in response stated that they do not give their hearts out by loving so much as a way of avoiding the emotional trauma that comes with heartbreak.

Chiamaka, said, “I don’t give out my heart so much that I will break down if the relationship crashes.”

“When I was much younger I got heartbroken many times because I easily gave out my heart to boys but now I’m grown, wiser, and much more exposed. I avoid heartbreak by not giving out all of me in a relationship,” Aisha said.

Another group of individuals said that heartbreak draws them closer to God.

“Each time I suffer a heartbreak, I find solace in God. I pray more than I used to and I cry unto God,” Lilian said.

Kehinde simply stated, “I pray to God.”

Edith, who admitted that she had suffered some heartbreaks has some advice for others:
“Accept yourself: A lot of people would always say ‘nobody can hurt me but it’s not true. If you must heal, you must accept the fact that you can be hurt, you have been hurt and you are hurt.
“Don’t fight your emotions:  At that period, if you feel like crying, cry. If you feel like not coming out and talking to people, it is allowed. You can stay indoors till you are ready.
“Get busy: Do something new with yourself. Acquire skills, get a job if you have not been doing any. Hang out with friends. Meet new people and make friends.
“Have someone to talk to: this one is very important. Even as you have engaged yourself in the aforementioned points, it is still possible for you to feel depressed. Talk to that one or two persons whom you can tell ‘all of it’. Make sure they are the ones that can hear it all no matter how stupid and senseless they may sound. Then after that, you will feel you again.”


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  1. Wahala for who never experience heartbreak.
    Double wahala for who no sabi cry or drink alcohol during heart break.
    Triple wahala for who no get Juice wrld’s heart break songs.
    Quadruple wahala for who no read this article. Well done Vantage🙌

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