GEJ, Diri Supports E-Voting, Cautions Against Thuggery, Violence

Goodluck Jonathan
Goodluck Jonathan
Goodluck Jonathan
Goodluck Jonathan

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan and the Governor of Bayelsa State, Duoye Diri, has canvassed for the use of electronic voting system in Nigeria.

Jonathan also spoke about the rising insecurity in the country, blaming it on the activities of politicians who want to grab power by any possible means.

The former president and Diri spoke during the third Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Ogbia at St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Otakeme, in the Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa state.

Jonathan said, “Our political activities, particularly the use of young people as militiamen and thugs and so on to win elections, have increased the security challenges facing our nation.

“Some of the youths they use are so protected that even the police cannot arrest them because they are ‘boys’ to powerful politicians who use them during elections.”

“That is why I’ve always advocated that for us to move forward as a country; we must use electronic voting where nobody will use thugs to win elections. Immediately we use electronic voting, the issues of thuggery and cultism will drop by at least 50 per cent,” He added.

Diri, who addressed Jonathan as “father,” encourged the youths to resist evilo politicians who do not mean well for them.

“The man who teaches you how to fish is better than the one who gives you fish. To be taking fish from a politician everyday is to be dependent. To be a fisherman is to be independent. And to be independent is the glory and desire of every reasonable man.

“For us as a government, we are determined to improve the lives of our people. And our focus is to see how prosperity can be engendered. Prosperity is not engendered by coming to beg a politician to give you something to eat,” he added.

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