Jealous Wife Cuts Husband’s Manhood For Impregnating Another Lady

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Jealous Wife Cuts Husband's Manhood For Impregnating Another Lady - Vantage News Nigeria
Photo: Shutterstock

A man identified as Babangida is battling for his life after his wife cut his manhood with a knife for allegedly impregnating another woman.

Babangida, popularly known as Bangis, who is in his early thirties suffered severe injuries on his genitals as a result of the wife’s dastardly attempt to cut off his manhood.

The incident happened at  about 12:15a.m on Sunday at Appawa community, a suburb of Lau Local Government area of Taraba State, when Bangis was asleep.

He was immediately rushed to a private hospital for treatment.

Bangis, who is yet to have a child with his wife, had retired to his bed to sleep after a hectic day when the incident happened.

He fought to retrieve the knife from his wife who also injured herself as a result.

On why she made such move, the wife said, “The Bible says we should cut off anything that can make one to sin.”


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