Wenger Wants UEFA Nations League Scrapped

Arsene Wenger. Photo: AFP
Wenger Wants UEFA Nations League Scrapped - Vantage News Nigeria
Arsene Wenger. Photo: AFP

FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development, Arsene Wenger, has called for the scrapping of the UEFA Nations League because the tournament is not ideal in today’s world.

He claimed that holding the World Cup and Euros every other year would be more suitable in today’s world.

Wenger, who believes that the average football fan neither cares nor understand the UEFA Nations League, added that there is need to have as few events as possible.

The UEFA Nations League was started to give international teams in Europe a greater number of competitive fixtures between World Cup and Euro tournaments that hold every four years.

He suggested that qualifying matches should be played in a single month in order to make it easier to sell the rights to broadcasters and sponsors.

Wenger, also revealed that FIFA has discussed the possibility of organising more major tournaments but stated that he opposed them because it will make the game lose its glamour.

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