It Is Interview Not Temptation!


Contributed By Victor Lastfive Jackson

Oga Boss! stop taking advantage of job seekers… They need a job not romance

Applicants are faced with temptation in the Job market similar to the one the devil himself tossed to Jesus Christ when he knew he was completely famished and needed a lease of life…

Again the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor.
“All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me (Mat 4: 8-9)

The Job situation in Nigeria is at crises level, according to National Bureau of Statistics report of 2020, About 21,764,614 (27.1%) Nigerians are unemployed….

Some Employers or potential employers have taken undue advantage of job seekers, rather than allow them to pass through interviews, they take them through the rocky edges of temptation which no man can pass through except Jesus.

After nepotism, despotism, favouritism, God fatherism and all the curses placed upon -ism by greed, the few available slots on merit is still not freely given on merit.

You need a 25 year old fresh graduate with 5 years experience on the Job? This is a complete anthithesis of reality or a job you do not just want to give… “this one na temptation with a little confusion”…

Employers now advertise non-existing jobs to lure female applicants into their perennial insatiable hot bed of sexual escapades… if you need a wife why not marry?
If you are married and you are willing to be a willing collaborator against the constitution of marriage, why not get a side chick, if you need a whore why not go and get one? It is unprofessional to use jobs as a bait to take advantage of job seekers who happens to pass through your table of employment.

A multi-national company located in the south eastern region of nigeria stop it! Mention the name… your vacancy is misleading!

A leading and well known bank located in South South Region of Nigeria, stop it, mention the name! which bank? Diamond or UBA? Ada ke mmo?

If you are hiring only 5 people, why do you invite 5000 for physical interview? You are tempting 4,995 others in a job you won’t even give them! Stop! STOP! STOP!

We have seen applicants sit at the corridors of where they are supposed to be interviewed, instead of calling them in for interview, Oga boss is sitting at the comfort of his office with factory fitted AC, legs crossed as he rolls in his executive chair back and forth, he watches the supposed applicants through Cameras mounted to see who will complain… that’s not an interview, it is rather temptation….

Stop selling Jobs, if applicants had money they won’t look for your job afteral …”na temptation to go and steal or borrow for you”

Some employers will ask the applicants to start work immediately, that’s temptation, give him a little time, It is the applicants decision to tell u when he want to start.

For those employers that managed to give out the jobs, after they slept with the female applicants and laboured their male counterparts, yes an applicant said he can work under pressure, he did not say he will marry you, breastfeed you, die for your company, stop giving them your jobs, your wife’s jobs, your brothers jobs, your school jobs!

Respect his schedule of duty!

Dear Wicked employer and escapade enthusiast, the seeds you are sowing on earth is not without reward, you will get it sooner or later, if not you, then your children or your relatives… if not on earth, then in Heaven

Stop tempting the Applicants.

Victor Lastfive Jackson has a Master of Science (M.Sc) degree in Architecture from the prestigious University of Uyo

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