Mbaka Explains BBNaija Comments, Says Video Clip Taken Out Of Context

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka

The Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has responded to video of him commenting on what transpired on the Big Brother Naija show during his Sunday sermon.

Some people have questioned the spirituality of the clergyman and wondered why he was commenting on a mundane show like BBNaija after he was seen in the video clip commenting on what transpired between two of the housemates, Erica and Laycon.

Mbaka had condemned Erica’s attitude towards Laycon, saying that she is cantankerous and pugnacious and added that she will lose the N85 million grand price. Erica was eventually disqualified from the show for her behavior which was an infringement on Brother rules.

Explaining his comments in a post on the Adoration Ministries’ Facebook page, Fr. Mbaka said his video clip was taken out of context by those he referred to as mischief makers.

He saied he only used the Big Brother incident as an example to pass a message centered of fraternal correction with love.

The post reads, “Rev. Fr. Mbaka spent time preaching on tolerance, forgiveness, love, dialogue, patience, with agreement prayer using Zachariah chapter 1 to chapter 14, especially between husbands and wives as the central theme of the Sunday’s liturgy was fraternal correction with love.

“He referred what transpired between two housemates in the BBNaija as an example. He could have seen a clip of the BBNaija show as any of us who is not yet in heaven could inadvertently have seen, or he could have got it from discussions. But the fact remains that Erica was not tolerant. Unfortunately, mischief-makers copied only the reference to BBNaija, which was only used as an example and overlooked the whole message.

“Contextlessness implies meaninglessness. When something is taken out of its context, it loses its meaning. Even a verse from the Bible taken out of its context loses its meaning and can have disastrous consequences!!!.”

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