Nigerians On Twitter: Buhari Has Failed


Many Nigerians have taken to social networking and microblogging platform, Twitter, to express their dissatisfaction with the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.

The visibly disappointed and angry Nigerians are using the hashtag “BuhariHasFailed” to outline areas that Buhari’s government has come short of their expectations.

A tweet from @dokubo_keneth reads, “Increased DStv fee Increased nepa bill Increased fuel price Increased food stuff priced Increased insecurity Increased national debt Increased corruption Increased unemployment rate Increased death rate Who did we really offend in this country?”

Another user with the handle @Great_Oyin1, tweeted, “In the middle of Covid 19..there has been Increments in Dstv Charges(I am not even subscribing this month),Petrol,food stuffs,insecurity,death rate etc Even Kids yet unborn will agree that #BuhariHasFailed”

A former presidential aspirant and well known activist, Omoyele Sowore used the platform to call for the release of a pharmacist allegedly imprisoned and charged for terrorism simply for criticising the Buhari-led administration on Facebook.

He wrote, “#BuhariHasFailed #FreeSolomonAkuma This ignoble and wicked regime of @MBuhari has kept Solomon Akuma a pharmacist on an internship with @NafdacAgency, detained at @PoliceNG FCID cell in Abuja for over 6 months for posting something on @Facebook. He was charged with terrorism!”

“It is only in his (Buhari) admin that FX is N386/$, Petrol N160, PHCN is 16units/1k, Rice is N28000/bag, the interest rate on savings dropped from 3.75% p.a. to 1.25% p.a Inflation rate from 9.01% to 12.82%. Insurgency and terrorism increased, freedom is eroded #BuhariHasFailed,” a user, @AuditorSun wrote.

The criticisms come two days after the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) increased the price of fuel, plus the steady rise in food prices which the President himself blamed on middlemen yesterday as reported by VANTAGE NEWS.


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